A professor dressed in aluminium foil who sings about space, life, and his native Sweden, and matters about life in Stockholm, all accompanied by a dirty disco drive. The professor has been making music for many years, in many bands and on many instruments. Contact:


Unique CD

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I love the CD format. My 14yo son has convinced me that CD is the next retro-thing and will replace vinyl of being the cool thing. It has many advantages, and you can create them yourself as an artist and create some unique artwork and a very limited edition. I just recorded a new track not released anywhere but on this one cd and I’ve made a small piece of artwork as a an album cover. The track is called “indianerna är mina vänner”. It will only be released on this one physical CD. But after some months I will also release it digital. The single will be sold at my exhibition at JUSTE Gallery in Stockholm late July.

Transhumanism crossroads

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We stand at a crossroads. We have a rampant transhumanism that has split into two parts. One sees a hierarchical order controlled from above to create the perfect system, to govern other people for the benefit of an idea. The other focuses on voluntary direct contact between people, so-called P2P peer to peer. It's a bit like a battle between the system and anarchy. Personally, I naturally align myself with the individual and voluntary collaborations. As I usually say, I believe that what makes each of us human is our ability to materialize our ideas. If this possibility is taken away from us by someone else, humanity's ability to shape the world of ideas is diminished. Someone else's idea should not involve restricting other people's ability to fulfill theirs. The optimal is voluntary cooperation. It feels like this is constantly churning in the professor's poetry, and all my blog posts are about this in one way or another. But I imagine it's terribly important for all of us to actually feel really good and also include all the problems we have with war, politics, disagreements of all kinds. To believe that one can rule over another human being is to have hubris, and to believe that one can live a life solely by following a leader instead of oneself is not to live. So every time you find yourself at a crossroads on the internet with new services etc., choose the "narrow path", the one that prioritizes the individual and not the intermediary or the system. Life is dynamic and cannot be systematized; the perfect system is pure death.

Pretentious acoustic

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Apart from the Professor, I also have another band called Club of Droids. All the songs in this band are mostly created during recording, never developed with a full band. There are real drums by Henrik Holmlund and tons of effects on guitars, bass, and billions of synths. But now I'm sitting here, playing them with just chords on guitar and vocals to see how they sound in their most stripped-down form. It sounds quite nice. Maybe I'll post some clips in the future. "Club of Droids unplugged”, robots without electricity, what would that look like? I've always had an aversion to just guitar and vocals since childhood. I don't know why, but it often feels false and pretentious rather than the other way around. Who knows, maybe I'll change my view on this, but probably not. If that were to happen, I probably wouldn't even admit it to myself.

Saving humanity?

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There's so much talk about Bitcoin these days. Sometimes it's as if it were a savior for humanity before we drown in total overbearing control of people with total hubris and control mania. It's often said that fiat currencies, the money that states and banks create today, are a means of control to rule over everyone. Some claim that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a solution to this problem, just like those who created it. But we know that those who acquired cryptocurrencies early on, arbitrary computer nerds, etc., and who perhaps still happen to have them, are and will be in a reality where Bitcoin has replaced fiat, becoming total rulers with the immense purchasing power they have over others. I wonder, how does this benefit others and humanity?

I think what sets us apart from animals is, as I ponder, that we have ideas that we can also manifest here in our physical reality. This is something that most animals, at least the ones I know of, lack. Perhaps this is our, humanity's, big thing that we should perhaps engage in as much as possible to truly feel good and be complete humans. In that case, the optimal for us humans would be if as many of us as possible could do this. Money is a means for us to more easily collaborate with each other, which leads to an optimal currency being one that enables everyone to access it, not just a few. Today, a few have terrifying amounts of money, and their ideas are the ones that are manifested, while those who lack them manifest them for them. We have banks that can create money out of thin air, more or less, and lend it to someone they believe will be able to pay it back with interest. Someone suddenly getting a loan gives that person enormous opportunities to suddenly execute ideas at the expense of others who use the same currency.

Once a long time ago when I was pondering this, I thought, what is most valuable to us humans? Is it money or gold? And I concluded that no, it's our life. Without our life, we can never experience what we can get for gold. And what is our life then? Well, it consists of time. And what we usually hire a craftsman or someone else who is better at manifesting something with their time than us is precisely their time. We pay them for how many hours they take to do what they are good at. So why not let our professional time be the currency? That we hire someone else for what they are better than us at doing in the same time and sell our time to those who appreciate what we do. I created an experimental idea for a currency that I called time dollars. Used the perhaps provocative Dollar, but that's what most people think of as money, maybe time coin would be better, what do I know, but it's just an experimental idea. Everyone starts at 0, and if you buy something from someone else, you end up in the negative and the other in the positive. Probably people will move around zero all the time. Some stand out who may have injuries or for other reasons cannot do anything, and then it's up to the seller to want to sell to such a person, and in this way, we also get an automatic individual social insurance. Some think that someone's time should be worth more than another's, and yes, they are absolutely right, and that's exactly what it's all about; you hire someone because they are better at doing something than you are. And it's free to choose who you want to trade with so competition is especially present. When we didn’t have money, personal trust was what made us choose to collaborate with different people. Something we have long forgotten but it's there deep within us to develop. Today we have transferred trust from a person to money instead. Money can be used today even if it's stolen or coined out of thin air without us thinking about it much. Imagine what a loan would look like in a time dollar system? Check out my experiment timedollar.club. It would be fun if someone took it further to a better peer-to-peer solution with a distributed database somehow. I have a new version in the works that might be better, we'll see. Anyway, that was today's post!!

A new music platform?

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I'm calling for people ,bands and small labels who want to construct a new way to play media online. Let's create one the way we want it and make it open source for any artist or small label to use.

I'm going to open up a Github -project soon where everyone who wants to be involved can help. I beleive that there are plenty of folks with good coding skill, aleternative ideas, graphic designers etc that also are artists and in bands. I mean we're the creative people. Lets do this the way we want it together. I was thinking of a platform where music is hosted by the bands or labels themselves. And where customer buy, listen, download or stream directly from the artists. In this listener app there should be the possibilities to add artists and follow their feeds so you can see everything new from them. Also suggested artists from the artists themselves . Their could also be several different forks of the app but they all use the same feed from the artists so the artist doesn't need to deliver or pay to deliver to all players as it is today. It would be interesting to make the possibility to make a release a bigger experience then on the quite boring platforms there are today. A release could consist of music videos, films, games, books or any media that the artist want to sell together with the music. Another thing, why don't most musicians know who listens to them today? Why don't we have a customer register like any company has? Today this is hidden in the streaming platforms for them to use. The listeners wants to listen to us why can't we engage directly with them?

Mail me if you're interested in this and we'll try to figure things out together. I've already started coding on an app and it can both play except for music, videos and also games made in Unity. But there's a lot work left and I'm not super good at coding. Also thus should be made together with everyone with skills to make it super good. If we can get enough artists, bands and indie labels on this and suggest to their listeners to use this platform something big could happen finally to the music industry. It would be of great benefit both for artists and listeners. I would suggest techniques such as Nostr, Lightning and mesh networks like Yggdrasil to be part of it. Check out these marvelous platforms. The only important thing is that it should be open source and all money for sales go to the artist or the indie label.

Wavlake, Satoshis and music

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I’ve released my two latest singles on the wavlake platform too. It’s an interesting place where people can vote for tracks they like by giving them a tip in satoshis which is the smallest part of a bitcoin. There seems to be a fast growing community of music listeners and artists with a focus on real independent music and less in between partners. Other interesting things to explore is Nostr which is a place where you own everything you post yourself instead of posting it on a social platform like Facebook or Instagram. There’s a lot of interesting things going on to create a more interesting future for music online and more money for the small less corporate musician. Check out Wavlake.com


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I released a spontaneous brand new single today called Käftsmällar. It means punch in the face in plural in Swedish. Maybe my last two singles have been a bit dark? I think the next track might be a sparkling dance hit instead. I think I’m in the mood for that today actually. Anyway, check out the new track at my bandcamp. It’s the only place it’s released on right now. Here’s the link: professorjohanbring.bandcamp.com.

Are you a resource?

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Are you a valuable resource for others, or do you exist solely for yourself? Do you send your children to attend school so that others with ideas may utilize them as instruments? Or do you view it as each individual's duty to fully realize their own ideas? Is it morally wrong to prioritize the manifestation of one's own ideas over the opportunities of others to realize theirs, or does this simply adhere to the law of nature? Does the ideal world emerge from enabling the maximum number of individuals to manifest their ideas, or does it necessitate the contributions of only a select few? Are we destined to be rulers and subjects, or can we all simply be autonomous beings, with "society" emerging as the result of our voluntary cooperation? Are we souls evolving through a cycle of reincarnations?

Get Outtröttlig

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I'm selling my full-length album Outröttlig. This is available for download via a new time currency I've created. I calculated that it took 96 hours to make the album and that perhaps 960 people will buy it, so I take 96 hours/960 listeners = 0.1 TD (Time Dollar) for it. 1 TD equals one hour of work. When I've sold all of them, I'll close the sale, and then you can give it away to each other as you please. :D


I invite all creators of anything to do the same. A painter who enjoys buying music may sell their painting, and someone who enjoys art and music may grow carrots, and then someone who likes tomatoes, and then someone who is good at making food, clothes, etc. TD opens up for everyone who does something with their time that is valuable to others. No bank can create them out of thin air, and no one can steal them, only a person with their own time.

I left Spotify

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I have left Spotify!!! (again). I have a small label with maybe 300-400 songs from various bands. I used to be able to upload directly to Spotify for free from 2006 until a few years ago when all smaller companies instead had to upload through a "digital distributor." In short, you send your music to a company, and they in turn upload it to Spotify. Their interface is a bit worse, and it costs 0.1 Euro/song/month. But if you have a small company, it might be around 400:- per month or more every time you release something new just to have the music on Spotify. Then you barely get anything back unless you're a big artist or on a big label. So the result is that the artist/indie label pays for the music to be on Spotify, and the listeners pay to access Spotify. 😀 Everyone pays Spotify and distributors! 😀

So, it would actually be better for both parties if you just gave the music directly to the listener for free. After all, the internet is created to send things directly to each other without intermediaries.

The scary thing is that Spotify has become like some kind of equivalent to the CD player or vinyl player. It's where most people go to listen to music. But it's actually completely crazy... if you want to listen to old records from the major labels, there's no point in paying for the same music every month. It's 10 euros a month, more than most people spent on music before streaming became standard. A phone now has almost 1000GB and before you could fit all the music you wanted to listen to in mp3 format on your old hard drive with 0.5GB. Many also pay for bandwidth. Nope! It's better to download and buy what you listen to on your phone or computer so you always have it there. Then you can read cool music blogs or fanzines to find new music instead of following Spotify's corrupt playlists.

Spotify is great for the major record labels, of course. Let them stay there if they want. But for indie artists or smaller labels, it's really bad. You just drown in the ocean of music. If you, like most artists, dislike Spotify, then leave the misery and create new paths. Bandcamp, for example, is a billion times nicer. It also offers a more personal connection between listener and artist if you want it, and you can save and listen to the music you've bought wherever you want.

Spotify gives the impression of being a simple, smooth, and safe solution. Everything you should watch out for!! Life should be a bit exciting!!!?? :D

Today I started my blog.

Hi dear friends. Today I started my blog on my page. I'm really in to skipping all platforms and just go on my own like back in the 90s more or less. :D You'll see spontanous posts, lyrics and articles about stuff going on in my head over here. Visit me as often as possible! ;)